Our Story

How Mr. Dawson and Tresann met.....aka Our Story....

Justin was born in Utah, raised in Utexico, served an honorable mission in the state of Texas, and returned home to New Mexico.  Tresann, born in Tucson Arizona and raised as an Air Force brat, moved to NM fall of 2006 to begin the college chapter in her life. 

A debate about exactly when these two met is at large.

Mr. Dawson’s version is that in returning from his mission, confused by girls and not knowing what to do, he went to institute choir with a friend. Now this friend spotted a girl that as he put it was, “Perfect for Justin”. She played the piano and had curly hair and looked kind of like him. His friend was convinced that Justin was going to marry her. Justin, on the other hand, had another girl grab his attention. She was sitting near another one of his friends and the way that she laughed and the things that she did, made her appear to be a fun girl. But of course he had only been home for a day or two from his mission so girls still had cooties! He later saw that this same girl started coming to play volleyball up at his church where he finally found out her name, Tresann Van Drew. Though it wasn't because anyone introduced them to each other, it was simply from people shouting her name when she was playing.  (Now that is where Tresann believes they began.)  One evening while driving home with some friends, Justin asked one of them about girls that would be good to date. He suggested Tresann and the friend basically said that Tresann was off-limits, because she wanted her to become her sister-in-law. So other suggestions were made. One day, one of Justin's close friends asked Tresann on a date and wanted to double with Justin. So, Justin asked one of Tresann's friends to go on a date with him, but the entire time wishing that the dates were switched. Well, Tresann's friend couldn't go and Justin couldn't find a different date, needless to say the double never happened.  Interestingly enough, Justin got Tresann's phone number (and saved it), through that friend when that friend’s cell had died on him and called Justin on Tresann’s cell.  Justin began randomly texting and working his magic on her! At that point Tresann fell madly in love with Justin, the rest is history, and they lived happily ever after. The end!

….hahaha according to Justin that is! 

Basically Justin didn’t ask Tresann on a date until April, and between the first and second date she met his family.  Ready to risk it, knowing full well that she would be going home to AZ and traveling to different countries/states during the summer, figuring that this could either finish the relationship sooner or help the relationship to grow, on the third date he asked her to be his girlfriend!!!! As you see, they grew! 

Justin proposed on July 30th, 2008 in Nauvoo, IL (One of Tresann’s favorite places) as they, with Tresann’s family, were visiting their grandparents who were serving missions at the time.

Justin and Tresann were married for time and all eternity in the Mesa, Arizona Temple.