The Proposal

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008. 

My family, and Justin, had just gotten done watching a show by the performing missionaries in Nauvoo.  We got in the car to go to a shop, which we found out would be the blacksmith shop because Justin’s grandparents wanted to meet us. 

We were driving up and saw our Grandpa there at the shop.  I asked why he was there because he was supposed to be working the brickyard. My family told me that he probably got called to help out there.  That worked for me, made sense, grandpa always is the handy-man ready to help out! Then when we walked up we were greeted by  Justin’s grandparents.  Which at first seemed kinda weird. But I then remembered that it was their preparation day, and they hadn’t seen Justin in like 3 years!!!!  So I just brushed it aside, and thought nothing of it.  Well My Grandpa was running the show and we listened to how the pioneers made the wagon wheels.  The next half is about horseshoes and prairie diamonds.  Horseshoes always goes first, and my grandpa was demonstrating how to make one. 

Well when we first sat down I wanted to keep holding Justin’s hand so I reached for it, but it was in a tight fist so I shoved my fingers inside his palm and felt something metal.  I looked down and he opened his hand and it was a prairie diamond.  (for those of you who don’t know a prairie diamond is a nail that is bent to fit a finger and the pioneers used them as engagement/wedding/promise rings)  So he says will it fit? And my heart jumped!  I said, “well yeah on my pinkie!” it was so small and to prove it I put it on my finger!  So he took it from me and was like, “Well maybe if I bend it…” And proceeded to try to bend something I knew could not be bent without heat.  =D

A bit later he was like okay try this.  (he kept his hand down by his leg so I had to look down to see) and I took the prairie diamond and forced it onto my ring finger.  I told him “LOOK IT FITS!!!” hahaha and it was totally cutting off my circulation!  So he laughed at me and had me take it off, saying that we would get one after the presentation that would fit me….at this time my grandpa was done creating the horseshoe and was now deciding who had the earliest birthday to get the shoe.  (it happened to be Justin) so he went up and got it and came back to sit down.  My grandpa then started talking about prairie diamonds. 

Barely into the presentation Justin turns to face me and says, “how about this, will it fit?”  (his hand was down by his leg) so I look at him and then look down at his hand and there is a diamond ring shinning into my eyes!!!  I looked at him in shock and started laughing and shaking and I didn’t know what to do!!  He then got down on his knee and asked, “Will you marry me?” I must have shook my head yes because I don’t recall saying anything….and he got up and I gave him a huge hug and he put it on my finger and then my grandpa was like, “And it looks like someone just got a diamond of their own!”  and the people on the tour with us turned and said congratulations and everything….and that is the story of how Justin proposed!!!