Ellie's Birth Story

We are now the proud parents of a little baby girl.

Ellie Mae Dawson

She was born August 6, 2010
7lbs 2oz
19 inches long

enjoying that it's all done!

The story?
Well it's kinda long and funny so I will make sure I have lots of pictures too.
At 2AM we called and asked if we could come into the hospital because I was having contractions that would take my breath away and I couldn't walk.
They were VERY time-able too.
Basically everything they said to look for.
Well as always happens, we get to the hospital they put me on the monitors and they go away.
But the nurse is very nice and say's,
"Go for a 2 hour walk come back and we will see if you have changed."
After 30 minutes of walking and talking we decide that we need rest, have a doctors appointment at 9:15, and that we are both super tired.
So we go check out and get home.


We have been in bed enjoying our rest when suddenly
"Mr. Dawson, my water just broke!!!!"
He jumps out of bed tries to help me get everything cleaned up and ready to go.
We hop back in the car and are back in the very same room we were and hour ago.

To save you the rest of the details that don't really need to be told...
4 hours later I was an 8
The anesthesiologist was FINALLY free and I received the AMAZING epidural
And then just a few more hours later our beautiful girl was laid on my chest.
That made everything all worth every pain!
Total of about 7ish hours.

the proud Daddy!