Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fertility Drama

Have you seen this comic image before?
It's humorous and truthful all at the same time.

Last November I was the lady at the bottom of the image with her child. I was so nervous to enter the waiting room with Ellie. I knew the anguish I would cause so many women in that room. 
Unfortunately my visit was last minute, and I had no time to find a babysitter. 
You see, my blood work from that morning suggested that I might be miscarrying. Because of my blood type, and Mr. Dawson's blood type I need a special shot to make sure my body doesn't try to extinguish any future babies if I do miscarry. 
There I was with my little girl in my arms, holding her as tight as I could.
Not to stop her from squirming, she was perfect, but because I knew deep down that I was yet again loosing my hope of another baby, a sibling for my daughter. 

I wish that I could have walked in with a sign that let all the other women know what was going on.
Unfortunately I was met with glares and women who avoided me completely 
(they all sat on the other side of the waiting room from me)
And the whole time my heart was breaking.

For any of you who may someday unfortunately encounter a fertility clinic waiting room.
I know it's tough.
Good news is received, bad news is received, sometimes you're just waiting for news.
My biggest hope is that if you ever have the unfortunate chance to enter that waiting room, that you please have sympathy for every man and woman in that room. 
Smile at anyone who crosses your path, maybe even give a little hug if you feel so inclined. 
You never know what that person is going through.