Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Making My Heart Ache On Purpose, Kinda...

Sometimes I go to the website www.adoptuskids.org and look at pictures of kids and their bios.

Occasionally I find a family like this one.
It tricks me because I only see the one child that, according to the search field, we would possibly be able to adopt, then find out he has older siblings.
I know what is written, that as long as he maintains contact with his siblings he can be adopted alone.
But I would hate to make him live somewhere where he couldn't visit.
I wish it was within our means to adopt the whole family!

Then there are these brothers.
They live in the neighboring state!
But they would be older siblings to Ellie.
Could it work?
But we haven't even been together for 9 years!
Would we be okay with that?
So many variables, but they seem so awesome don't they!?

This cute little man.
Oh, how my heart aches!
His video is just so cute!

My heart aches that they haven't found their forever families yet, and I pray that they do soon.
I ache because I know that we are not to be their forever family,
yet I so desire for them to feel that love!

Maybe one of you who stumbles upon my post will be able to help these children out!
I pray that someday we will be able to make a child's hope, dream, and prayer come true and be able to welcome them to be a part of our family!
But until that day, and after too, I will continue praying for these children and their future endeavors!